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We have reserved this section of the site to provide information on various aspects of ERB fandom. If you have any additional suggestions for information to be included in this section, please drop us a line.

Burroughs Bibliophiles

The Bibliophiles got their start in 1947 when Vern Coriell, a traveling circus performer, founded The Burroughs Bulletin. Created with the blessing of Edgar Rice Burroughs himself, the Bulletin came to life as a small mimeographed fanzine -- the contents of which were belted out on an old typewriter perched on the hood of Vern's car when he was on the road -- that was sent free to curious Burroughs enthusiasts. One of the curious was Vincent Starrett, the influential Chicago Tribune book critic, and his review brought in a flood of requests from around the world. By 1960 the readership had grown to such an extent that Vern and other fans, at the World Science Fiction Convention in Pittsburgh that year, decided to create an organized literary society, the Burroughs Bibliophiles; the Bulletin became the group's official organ. The mission of the Bibliophiles, then as now, is to promote an understanding and appreciation of the great American author Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Both the Bibliophiles and the Bulletin foundered in 1987 with Vern's death, but were revived by George McWhorter in 1990. As curator of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville, McWhorter was ideally suited to helm the reborn Bulletin. What started out as a simple mimeographed fanzine has become a glossy, professionally produced quarterly journal. Thanks to McWhorter's efforts Edgar Rice Burroughs has received a level of exposure and critical recognition not seen for decades. The Bibliophiles membership continues to grow, indicating that the organization's namesake will continue to be one of the world's most popular authors well into the twenty-first century. 

Membership in the Burroughs Bibliophiles is open to anyone who shares an interest in the life and works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Individual members receive four issues of "The Burroughs Bulletin" per year, as well as twelve issues of "The Gridley Wave," which will keep you abreast of the latest products and events of interest to the Burroughs enthusiast. 

Current annual membership rates for individuals are $35.00 (domestic) and 45.00 (international), to help defray the costs of printing and publishing The Burroughs Bulletin. Libraries and institutions may subscribe to the Bulletin only for the cost of $28.00 (domestic) or $35.00 (international). Back issues are $6.00 apiece. (See our list of back issues to find out what is still in print.) Make cheque or money order (no cash please) payable to Henry G. Franke III, 
318 Patriot Way, 
Yorktown, VA  23693-4639

Online Back Issues from
George T. McWhorter, Editor Emeritus

ERBANIA, the oldest existing ERB fanzine has been published and edited, since 1956, by D. Peter Ogden, 8410 Lopez Drive, Tampa, FL 33615. Devoted primarily to ERB, we occasionally feature articles about other authors that would interest an ERB fan. Contributors have included Philip Jose Farmer, Vernell Coriell, Robert R. Barrett, James Van Hise, Tracy Scott Griffin, William Stout, Darrell C. Richardson and many others. Profusely illustrated with photographs and art by Roy G. Krenkel, James Cawthorn, Frank Reyes, Frank Frazetta, Tom Yeates, Jeff Easley, Alex Nino, Clyde Caldwell and Dave Hoover etc. Subscriptions are 4 for $9. Canada and Mexico $10, All other countries $13 airmail. There are at least forty back issues available at $2 each. For further details contact the editor at

ERB Collector
ERB Collector is the youngest ERB fanzine published in the United States. Begun in 1989, ERB Collector serves a dual purpose for editor/publisher Bill Ross. The first two issues were included in the ERB-APA as Bill's contribution, however, a "General Mailing" for all Burroughs fandom was initiated with the third issue. Currently four issues per year appear in the ERB-APA and two issues are published for subscribers (the issues that appear in the ERB-APA are available at an additional cost). Contributors have included: Edgar Rice Burroughs, David Adams, Alan Hanson, Joseph Ferrier, Darrell C. Richardson. Illustrators have included: Roy G. Krenkel, Frank Cho, Dave Hoover and Tom Yeates. The current issue is available for $6.00 (USA), $7.00 (Canada), $8.00 (Outside North America). The subscription rate for two issues (published in May and November) is $10.00 (USA), $12.00 (Canada), $14.00 (Airmail Outside North America). Interested parties contact: Bill Ross, 7315 Livingston Road, Oxon Hill, Maryland 20745 or

Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline 

Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline (ERBND) began publication in 1979 as a newsletter to include Edgar Rice Burroughs related correspondence. ERBND was expanded to include articles in 1982. However, the main emphasis remains listing items of interest to Burroughs collector’s. ERBND also provides excellent coverage of the annual Edgar Rice Burroughs Conventions. Two pages of artist Mike Cody’s graphic adaptaion of AT THE EARTH’S CORE appear in each issue. ERBND Number 24 published TARZAN JR., an original story written by Edgar Rice Burroughs and illustrated by his son John Coleman Burroughs. Other contributors have included Vernell Coriell, Laurence Dunn, Alan Hanson and Jim Thompson. Illustrators have included Frank Cho, Dave Hoover, Joe Jusko and Tom Yeates. Subscriptions are $16.00 for four issues (North America); $20.00 overseas surface or $24.00 air mail. A limited number of complete sets (over sixty back issues) are available. For further details or to subscribe contact the editor, Mike Conran, 1990 Pine Grove Drive, Jenison, MI 49428 or

Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs  (The Journal of the ERB Society)
Rod Jackson

The Burroughs Newsbeat
James Van Hise
57754 Onaga Trail
Yucca Valley, CA  92284
Bi-monthly ~ Subscription rates are 
$2.00 per issue, six issues for $10.00 (in North America)
$20 for Overseas

ERBzine Weekly Online Fanzine
Bill Hillman ~
Subscription: No Charge. ~ A new issue every week appears at:
Over 10,000 Issues in archive are found at:
Navigation Chart for ERB Cosmos

ERB Collection

The University of Louisville Library owns the largest institutional archive of the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs. The collection contains over 67,000 items ranging in scope from the author's earliest school books to promotional materials from the 1990s. The Tarzan myth has proved hardy and long-lived.

The exhibition is on display in the galleries of the Photographic Archives and Rare Books departments in the Ekstrom Library on the Belknap Campus of the University of Louisville. Hours are 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday with hours extended until 8:00 PM on Thursdays. The galleries are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and will be closed December 23 through January 1. For additional information call 502/852-6752. For Belknap Campus parking information and directions, call the Visitor Information Center at 502/852-6565.

The National Capital Panthans
The National Capital Panthans, founded in September 1996, are the Washington D.C., Baltimore, Annapolis and Northern Virginia area Chapter of the Burroughs Bibliophiles. Meetings are generally held on the first Sunday of the month and are hosted by various members in their homes.

There are approximately 50 members from around the United States and one each from England, Canada and Germany. The Panthans hosted the 1998 Burroughs Bibliophiles Dum-Dum, the 1999 and 2003 ECOF Gatherings, and will again host the 2006 ECOF in Rockville, MD. Generally so many members go to ERB fan conventions hosted by others that the Panthans can be counted on to assist with registration. The Panthans have published a book, entitled "ERB - The Second Century," which includes fan-produced fiction, scholarly deductions and many great illustrations!

To become a member and receive a monthly newsletter informing you about Panthans activities send your annual subscription fee of US$15.00 to:

John Tyner, Treasurer
5911 Halpine Road
Rockville, Maryland 20851-2410

For further information check their Web site at:


The ERBCOF-List (Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship) is an electronic discussion group and communication service. Officially known as ERBCOF-List, the list was established for persons interested in the life, works, and worlds of author Edgar Rice Burroughs. Although anyone may subscribe to the list, it will be of most interest to serious Burroughs enthusiasts. Its contents should always relate in some way to Edgar Rice Burroughs. The ERBCOF-List does not accept commercial advertising.

To subscribe to the listserv send mail to with the following information in the body of your message: SUBSCRIBE ERBCOF-L [Replace with your own full name]. To unsubscribe to the listserv send mail to with the following information in the body of your message: UNSUBSCRIBE ERBCOF-L [Replace with your own full name]. Discussion can be joined by sending mail to Further information will be e-mailed to you upon subscription to the list. ECOF-List is managed and maintained by Jim Thompson who may be reached at still, visit the ERBCOF Website at:  for the complete ERBCOF story.


ERBlist is a listserv that is open to all messages regarding or pertaining to Edgar Rice Burroughs. This list does not allow binary attachments and is moderated by Bruce "Tangor" Bozarth. To subscribe to the ERBlist listserver send e-mail to with the word SUBSCRIBE in the subject line. To unsubscribe send email to and put UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. All group discussion e-mail should be addressed to . Further information about this list is provided via e-mail upon subscription. ERBList is a potentially high e-mail volume area. If your member address is at work or office and you already have a large email volume you may wish to reconsider joining ERBlist or choose the DIGEST feature.

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