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This section will be constantly proving new and fun features for fans and collectors of Edgar Rice Burroughs. As the popularity of this page increases, we will continue to add new backgrounds and, in the future, screen savers. If you have suggestions for new backgrounds or screensavers, drop us a line at

The backgrounds on this page are intended for use with PC based systems. To use these backgrounds on your own system, you should first determine what screen resolution is standard on your computer. You can determine this setting on your computer by selecting DISPLAY under your Windows Control Panel and selecting the "Settings" tab. The choices are usually 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. Once you have determined the setting on your computer, select the appropriate background from the files below.

Once you have downloaded the files below, copy them into the appropriate directory where your other backgrounds are stored. These files are usually located in the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory on Win95, Win98, and NT machines. The directory is usually C:\WINDOWS on Win2000 machines. You an select one of these files as your background by selecting DISPLAY under your Windows Control Panel and selecting the "Background" tab. In the dialog box, select the ERB background that you like best. Remember, you can switch back to your original background at any time.

ERB Books (640 x 480) [900K]

ERB Books (1024 x 768) [2.3MB]

ERB Pulps (640 x 480) [900K]

ERB Pulps (800 x 600) [1.5MB]

ERB Pulps (1024 x 768) [2.3MB]


ERB Proflie with ToA Pulp (640 x 480) [900K]

ERB Proflie with ToA Pulp (800 x 600) [1.5MB]

ERB Proflie with ToA Pulp (1024 x 768) [2.3MB]

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