May 1913 July 1920
Name changed to Science and Invention in 1920

1914: May ~ The Experimenter's Magazine1914 AugustJanuary 1915: The Experimenter's MagazineApril 1915May 1915June 1915 ~ 10 centsSeptember 1915Aurora BorealisRadium DestroyerA Canal Scene On MarsBall LightningElectro-Gyro CruiserVoice Operated TypewriterAnti-Gravitation RayBomb AimerGyro Land FlyerElectricity Lighting LibertySaturn and Ultra-Violet LightThe Wireless GirlLightning Made to OrderElectric Submarine CameraElectricity Guards NeutralityTrench DestroyerElectric Flyer Makes 500 Miles an HourWireless Phone Talks With AeroplaneElectric Torpedo DestroyerElectrocuting the EnemyOld U.S. Battleships to the FrontBlinding the SubmarineElectric Bloodhounds Find and Destroy SubmarinesFiring Electric BombsSeeing Wireless SignalsDaylight Signaling with SearchlightsElecro-Magnetic Depth-BombsGyro Electric DestroyerU-Boats Use Balloons For WirelessAt War With The InvisibleTelevision and the TelephotElectro-Magnetic Brakes Stop AeroplanesAerial Mono-Flyer of the FutureLassoing Aeroplanes with Flame and BombAutomatic SoldierAuto Tows Blimp at the FrontTanks Uproot Barbed Wire EntanglementsSmoke Barrage Saves Escaping PlaneTesla Wireless LightSearch Lights of the DeepA New Invention for NOT X-Rays?Thought RecorderAn Aerial Rescue At SeaThe Trees Now TalkWheel-less Trains Glide On Water-FilmYou Too Can Do This On ErosTreasure Ships Located ElectricallyCold Fire?Edison Talks To YouFirst Wingless AirplaneSuspended GravitationPower Transmitted by WirelessWatching Plants GrowFlying in a VacuumSea Going Ferris WheelHow To Make An Underwater FinderMake a 13,000 Ampere Storage BatteryNew Disc LoudspeakerHow to Make a Double Tesla Coil

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