Pt. 1: 1920 - 1925
A Hugo Gernsback Publication
August, 1920 August, 1931

Chicago's New MonorailElectrocuting SharksElectrical MealScience Explains the Great FloodWhat Makes a Magazine CoverWater Curtain Protects FiremenElectric Arcs Melt Snow and IceCan We Make Ourselves Invisible?Can We Visit the PlanetsTo Europe In 15 HoursHow to Build a Buried Treasure FinderSightseeing Captive HelicopterRevealing Your True VocationGuided Airplane Makes 150 Miles Per HourWork and Learn While You SleepElectric Ice Skates and How to Make ThemRocket Back PackSea-Going Ferris WheelRadio Concerts at HomeSuper NoseElectric Welding Under WaterA Radio Outfit In Your SuitcaseTelevision by RadioTruth About Perpetual MotionSlot Machine RadioLetters Now Sent By RadioThe Many Science Topics of Gernsback PublicationsNewspaper as a Radio Loud TalkerStellar ExpressSleep EliminatorBelin's Television MachineAutomobile of 1973How to Make a Solar CookerForecasting Weather by RadioMan from the Atom$12,000 in prizes for picturesHearing Through Your TeethA Floating RailroadRadio Power CarSubmarine-Land DreadnaughtSpeaking to Mars Over a Light BeamScientific MatingRadio Police AutomatonEnd of the WorldWhat Can You Do With This Gold Paper ~ $500 in PrizesEvolution On Mars: Possibly the first SF magFlame Thrower Protects ExplorersGas Mask for DivingHow to Make a MotopellerSnow BurnerDiagnosis by RadioPerpetual Motion MythBattle of the ColorsFilming the ImpossibleNew Water Sport WheelThe IsolatorLatest ThrillerLife Suspended in Ice$900,000 Ship Blown Up For MovieHelicopter Helps Build SkyscrapersMatchcraft: The New Craze

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