Pt. 2: 1926 - 1931
A Hugo Gernsback Publication
August, 1920 August, 1931

Submarine Opens Frozen RiversLightbeam PianoRadio Gold ExplorerCan the Dead Be ReunitedScience Checks the Spirit MediumWhat Can YOU Do With This BoardBuild Your Own AirplaneHow to Build a RowmobileDream RecorderTruth About AstrologyHealth MeterWirekraft: A New ArtBeware the Fake Radio DoctorListen to WRNY RadioAerial FirefightersOver 200,000 Copies of this Issue40,000 Germs in Every Kiss40 Non Technical ArticlesCatapult for DiversIs This Possible? (Float On Water)Gravitation Conquered At LastNew Airplane CatapultIs This Possible?  (Hand-held TV)Hands Create Radio MusicAirplane Motor LifeboatMotor Whip for Ice SkatersCover by Newberry - upside down over NYCTo Save Tower of PisaSea Anchor for AirshipsHarnessing Nature's Electricityundersea rescueDo Animals Think?Can You Find All the Scientific Mistakes in This Picture?Thermiting Ice BergsBuild Your Own Television ReceiverCan We Control Sex?Can We Control Sex? IISpirit of AstronomySpirit of EvolutionSpirit of AviationHow To Build A Man-Carrying GliderIs A College Education Really Worthwhile? How I Broke the Women's Airplane Record$2,000,000 Sham Battle ~ Diesel Engines for Aircraft ~ Make a Contract to Become WealthyDunninger's Amazing Buzz Saw IllusionAerial Fire Fighters ~ When Fate Fooled HoudiniRailway to AirwaySub-Sea Explorer Finds Old CitySki Planing ~ Dirigibles or Planes ~ When Fate Fooled Ching Ling FooGoddard On Rocket Flight ~ Make Your Own Glider ~ Have A Basement PlayroomTesla Maps Our Electrical Future ~ Marvelous Eyes of Science ~ Detroit Builds Super Motorways ~Giants of Industry ~ Riding the Thunderclouds in a Motorless Plane ~ Snow-capped Equatorial AfricaStreams of Steel ~ Norman BelGeddes: Master Builder ~ Hitch-Riding Through the SkiesTowers That Pierce the Clouds ~ Story of Tornadoes ~ Make an Outboard Aquaplane ~ Build a Short Wave Receiver ~ Make FireworksWhen Your Outboard Balks ~ Truth About Sea Serpents ~ Collapsible Boat from Inner TubesTraveling Straight Down ~ Mechanical Love Shack (?)Hunting Sharks for Meat, Shoes and Vitamins ~ Coast Guard Heroes ~ What a Soaring Pilot Thinks AboutWill the Rocket Replace Artillery ~ Billion Dollar Junk Business ~ Sky Jobs - Ground JobsWingless Plane ~ Why TV images Split ~ Circus FreaksHarnessing Sea Temperatures ~ Why Auto Tires Wear Out ~ BoomerangsWonders of the Moon ~ Railroad Zepplins ~ Inventor TribulationsIs the Earth Getting Warmer? ~ Seafloor AdventuresPlaying with Two Million Volts ~ When the Earth QuakesWhen a Comet Strikes the Earth ~ Hunting with African Giants and PygmiesAerial Bombs Will Decide the Next War ~ Harnessing the Tides ~ Forests of StonesEclipses: Yesterday and Today ~ Romance of Glass ~ Fortunes in Plain SightNew Sun Motors ~ Changing Jobs to Keep HealthyJuly: Television by RadioThink and Learn While You Sleep

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