July 1929 no. 1: Islands in the AirAugust 1929September 1929: Issue 3October 1929: Issue no. 4November 1929: Science Aviation Stories by Edmond Hamilton, Ed Earl Repp, Jack WilliamsonDecember 1929: Science Aviation Stories by Edmond Hamilton, Ed Earl Repp, Edsel NewtonJanuary 27French Humor: August 6, 1927French Humor: May 26, 1928How To Make It: Wrinkles ~ Kinks ~ FormulasModern Electrics: February 1909Modern Electrics: June 1910May 1911Modern Electrics: May 1913Practical Electrics: November 1921 ~ Father Fixes the SwitchA Dog-Gone ShockElectric Xylophone: How to Make It$5000 for the Best Title of This PictureMake a Power BatteryA Violent RayElectrical Progress in Plain EnglishNew Tesla ExperimentsElectrical Co. - How Does It WorkElectric GhostHeartbeats Heard on LoudspeakerA Sparking PartyNew Tesla ExperimentsElectric Haircut - Why Not?Perpetual Motion!?Amplified LoveMake an Electric CarillonPower of RadiumPower Transmission Without WiresElectric Music ~ Make a StaccatoneArmoured Against A Million VoltsNew Flame LanguageDiabolical RayElectric Power Without WiresMake a Small Stream Power PlantMen Who Have Made Radio ~ July 1930Submarine Hull is Reproducer ~ Radio's Liveliest Magazine ~ March 1932Phonosone for the Deaf Ear ~ March 1934And Now -- The Auto Radio Phone: August 1919Radio Doctor -- Maybe!: April 1924Shielding Needed: January 1927Television On Phonograph Record1929 Questions and AnswersCan We Radio the Planets50 Years of RadioRadio Generates Health FeverRadio TypewriterExperiments in Radio PsychometryRadio Set Prints NewspaperRadio Waves Kill Plant InsectsTransceiver in Tomorrow's Car (Cell Phone)Radio Set of 1950Hypnotone Puts You To SleepAugust 1937: The Magazine of Sex Science1958 Feb: What is Normal in Sex? ~ Secret Sex Societies1964 Nov: Obscene Phone Call ~ Rape and the DoctorWhich Antenna?Cooking By Short WavesSilence: Moscow CallingThe Trans-Atlantic 2 TubesTelevision How To ArticlesTelevision ArticlesTelevision of TomorrowScience Wonder Stories: August 1929: Dr. D.H. Keller ~ Ed Earl Repp ~ William P. LockeJanuary 1933 - Paul Cover: Messenger from SpaceApril 1933 - Paul Cover: Moon DevilsVoice of AtlantisSummer 1929

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