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Have your sword and radium pistol on hand to battle four-armed green giants as you ride your trusty thoat across the dried sea bottoms of ancient Mars. Climb aboard the "Iron Mole" and drill through the crust of the earth to discover a land where the sun never sets and time does not exist. Pierce the mysterious cloud cover of Venus to find a world of sky-high trees, winged men and savage creatures. Pilot a submarine up a mysterious underground river to a hidden land where prehistoric men and monsters still live.

Beyond Tarzan there are many fantastic adventures to be found in the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Many readers find Burroughs' science fiction more exciting than his Tarzan stories! These are tales chock full of action, heroism, romance and endless invention, which renders them timeless ~ and are just as appealing now as when they first appeared.

So take a journey to Barsoom, as its inhabitants call Mars ~ visit Pellucidar at the center of the earth ~ explore Amtor, the cloud-wrapped planet Venus ~ and learn more about the other fantastic worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs. 

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