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Below you will find a list of a few sites that further the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs. If you have a site that is strongly related to Edgar Rice Burroughs, please drop us some e-mail along with your site name and address and it will be considered for this list.

ERBzine Weekly Online Fanzine

ERBzine Links

Burroughs Bibliophiles - This site provides a wealth of information about this long-running fan organization. This site also includes late-breaking news about this area of fandom.

The Dream Vaults of Opar - Features more than thirty-five essays by fantasy author Patrick H. Adkins, exploring Burroughs' works in books, comics, movies, and more.



Tarzan Comics - The original adventure-strip comic hero is still going strong. Check out the ongoing action from both the black-and-white dailies and the Sunday color strips!

Dark Horse Comics - The authorized creator of new Tarzan graphic adventures, in both comic book and trade paperback format. Dark Horse has also brought you some never-before-seen Burroughs treasures like "Tarzan: The Lost Adventure" and "Minidoka." Check back for new titles coming soon!

Bud Plant Comics - A great place to pick up hard-to-find Burroughs books, comics and related items. Some of this stuff you can't find anywhere else!

ERBzine Comics Encyclopedia


Internet Movie Data Base IMDB

American Movie Classics - Return to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Hollywood doubled as a jungle full of stampeding elephants and rubber crocodiles! American Movie Classics shows more Tarzan movies than Cheeta has bananas. From Elmo Lincoln (1918) to Mike Henry (1968), AMC is the place to be for a half century of Tarzan's cinematic adventures!

ERBzine Silver Screen - A huge site with lots of movie stills, posters, film credits, reviews, trivia, links, and a full listing of all authorized Tarzan films (and a few unauthorized ones, too). .


The works of many fine artists have graced the covers of Burroughs' books over the years. Here are links to the official sites for several of them. Here you can pick up prints, limited editions, and other items from some of your favorite artists.

Frank Frazetta

Richard Hescox

Michael Whelan

Boris Vallejo

Neal Adams

ERBzine Artist Encyclopedia: Information on the hundreds of artists who have been inspired by the imaginative creations of Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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